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We researching new technology since its establishment in 1998.

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Trade news

  • What kind of shower material is better?

    With the continuous development of the economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, in this highly competitive society, the pressure to survive is gradually increasing. At present, there are m


  • What should I do if the shower is blocked?

    Who is the C position in the bathroom? No doubt, it is the shower head.In the case of one or even more washing a day in summer, it is very easy to cause scale accumulation inside. After the accumulation reaches a certain


  • Bathroom space and no less anti-fog mirrors and storage cabinets

    Bathroom space toilet space, space at home, probably our body and soul the most able to relieve one of the free space, and long-term facing a monotonous or white bathroom space, you are not already tired of feelingit? !


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