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Bathroom space and no less anti-fog mirrors and storage cabinets

2020-11-18 11:35:17

Bathroom space toilet space, space at home, probably our body and soul the most able to relieve one of the free space, and long-term facing a monotonous or white bathroom space, you are not already tired of feelingit? ! The occasion of the visit in the spring and summer, the earth is put on a colorful new at the moment, it may be hands-on for their own bathroom space to add a little color, small storage shed to the overall bath, a little bit of change, there will be no brilliant, I brush away before you, pick it up, painting your bathroom space is easier than you think too many!

Beautiful and functional as positioning segment mist-free mirrors and storage cabinets

Stepped into the bathroom space, in addition to the bath, the purpose is that the toilet in the space of the toilet, the first thing you see is allows us to view the mirror of appearance and clothing, as well as placed toiletries storage shed or skin care products, etc., do not think this small space is not a big role, "think small" is here, the election of the peripheral equipment, even a little bit of extra points in the visual, can bring you unexpected results; picked the right equipment to facilitate the admission, more messy originally placed in bottles and jars neatly from the place, this way, in addition to beautiful, more great features sex.

Do not think that fog-free mirror, only the size, shape or material differences we see here are anti-fog mirror, from the many options, we selected a design able to show a sense of spring and summer, these are designed to emphasize not overwhelming, fog functionality is not lacking in a large area of the mirror more emphasis to let you embrace the mirror, still able to take into account a variety of angles and oriented, in which there is no lack of decorative flowers or imitation stone ornamentation, are a good selection.

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