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What kind of shower material is better?

2020-11-18 14:22:19

With the continuous development of the economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, in this highly competitive society, the pressure to survive is gradually increasing. At present, there are many types of shower heads on the bathroom market. In terms of materials, there are copper, aluminum, plastic products and a combination of various materials. So what material is good for the shower? The editor of China Ceramics Net will give you a brief analysis on this issue.

For showers, all copper or pure copper is of course very good, but my country's copper resources are relatively scarce, and genuine pure copper products are rare and expensive. A lot of copper on the market is miscellaneous copper, and the real copper content is very low. Copper materials can be divided into 52, 55, 59 and 62 copper. The 63 copper material is of course the best, but the price of a shower head ranges from thousands to tens of thousands. Plastic showers are of course not as good as pure copper showers. Sanmusunshine magnetized showers use high-grade ABS aviation plastic. The top shower is the best all-copper shower, and the hand shower is the ASB shower. If the hand shower is made of copper, it is easy to burn your hands and is heavier, while the shower made of ASB is lighter. The Sanmu Sunshine shower is mainly made of ABS, and the outlet is made of stainless steel laser perforated panel. Durable, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, light, beautiful, compressive, anti-drop, tough, heat-resistant, acid-base corrosion, super impact resistance.

Nowadays, the surface of shower heads on the market are mainly electroplated or baking varnish. If the electroplating quality is not good, the surface is prone to spots, and it is prone to rust for a longer time. Sanmu Sunshine uses high-tech dust-free precision electroplating on the coating, and the surface is multi-layer electroplating, which not only ensures the beauty, but also ensures that the long-lasting brightness is like a mirror, does not fall off, does not fade, has a good structure, and uniform color to make the shower lasting like new.

Buying a shower depends not only on the quality of the shower, but also on the function of the shower. After all, the most important thing about the shower is your own feeling, which is the relaxation of the body and mind during the shower, and the water washes the body to take away the tired and tired feeling. . Sanmusunshine magnetized negative ion shower, the shower contains far-infrared mineralized ball, negative ion ball, energy ball, and inlaid with two magnetic therapy particles to fully magnetize the water. They can remove residues in water, heavy metals remove bacteria on the body, convert water into tiny molecules, which are good for skin absorption, and can also generate micro-currents to emit infrared rays to adjust the pH of water. It can effectively promote blood circulation, has super antioxidant capacity, effectively balances skin moisture, improves fine lines, softens the skin, and keeps the skin moist, elastic, tender and shiny from the inside out, so that the skin is well protected.

The shower head adopts healthy and environmentally friendly materials as a whole, and no toxic and harmful substances are precipitated during the bathing and high temperature process. The two-stage three-time hole formation makes the water flow like a microphone, soft, spiral water flow, and avoids the water outlet clogging. Modeling, health care, energy saving are integrated, and the water saving effect reaches 40%. It is an indispensable helper for high-quality life! Sanmusun magnetized negative ion shower water is purer, bathing is healthier, bathing is safer, and family members are more assured.

What is the best material for the shower head? The real copper shower head is definitely good in terms of material. If the shower head style, production process, and use functions are all suitable for your needs, you can buy it with confidence. The shower head made of ABS aerospace plastic can be trusted, but of course. Showers of other materials should be determined according to actual conditions. Here, it is recommended that you look at the user's evaluation of the product and experience after use, which will help you.

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