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What should I do if the shower is blocked?

2020-11-18 14:20:03

Who is the C position in the bathroom? No doubt, it is the shower head.

In the case of one or even more washing a day in summer, it is very easy to cause scale accumulation inside. After the accumulation reaches a certain level, the water flow will become smaller and smaller, and the turbulence of the water flow will make the shower experience worse.

Not only that, if you do not clean it all the time, it will easily cause damage to the internal structure of the shower.

In order to use the shower for a long time, you must learn how to clean and maintain the shower.

Method 1: Hand or toothbrush

Generally speaking, the water outlet hole of the shower is made of rubber material, and the scale can be easily crushed and ejected by simply kneading the water outlet hole with your hands. The rubber is soft to the touch, comfortable, and not easy to scale, so it is relatively easy to clean.

If you think this is not thorough enough, in fact, a soft toothbrush is also a good choice.

Method 2: Soak in white vinegar

Acidic substances can easily remove scale, mix white vinegar and water in equal proportions.

Then put the shower head in it and soak for 2 hours,

**Rinse and dry the shower head afterwards, and the water will flow smoothly again.

The advantage of this method is that it can not only remove scale, but also has a certain sterilization effect.

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